Longhorn Visual Styles Pack

Longhorn Visual Styles Pack 3.0

No less than 18 new visual styles, all based on Windows Longhorn, that will completely change the appearance of your PC.

This pack will install 18 different styles, that you will then have available from the "Screen Properties" or more specifically, the "Appearance" tab. With all these different ways to view your OS, you're sure to love one.

The styles include:

  • Aero Concepts
  • Aero Style
  • Aero Style (Glass)
  • Aero Style (Vista - Beta 1)
  • Aero UI (Day)
  • Aero UI (Night)
  • Diamond
  • Jade Style
  • Longhorn Aero
  • Luna (Longhorn Revolution)
  • Plex Style
  • Plex Style (Media Center Edition)
  • Royale Glass
  • Slate Athens
  • Slate PDC
  • Slate Refresh
  • Slate XP
  • Windows X

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Longhorn Visual Styles Pack


Longhorn Visual Styles Pack 3.0